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Free WordPress plugins to help speed up your website

WordPress is built on open source technology and it’s only fair that we give back to the community that helps feed our families.

You won’t find any annoying ads or promotions in our plugins or even donation links. ¬†These are developed and released purely in the spirit¬†of the open source community they come from.

Website persistently slow ?

If your WordPress website is persistently underperforming, take a look at our case studies to see if you see anything similar to yours or get in touch for a quick chat with no obligation feedback on what we think could be achieved.

WP Disable

Quickly and easily reduce HTTP requests to your site by removing items that are hardly ever used by the majority of websites.

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WP Disable »


A simple plugin that outperforms most of the caching plugins available. Just set and go, no complicated settings and near instant results.

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Cache Performance »

Image Compression

Image compression up to 85% savings – deliver your sites faster. Automatic image resizing based on a maximum defined fixed width to reduce bloat.

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WP Image Compression »