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WordPress Website monitor – coming soon

Helping you maintain a fast website, is only part of what we do. By creating an ongoing monitor of your site, we know where bottlenecks happen and when they happen.

A fast WordPress website is not enough.

Making your site fast is only part of what we do. We also monitor your site for downtime allowing you to see how well your host company is performing.

Understanding your website hosting is critical to the overall picture of how your site performs.

Working with we are able to monitor your website for more than just downtime. Using a custom built proprietary monitoring platform we scan your site in 3 different places to ensure the most reliable uptime monitoring around. Less False Positives and a much earlier hack detection system.


Deliver your clients images via our optemised CDN. Saving you money.


Give your clients the best possible experience – optimise everything at source with no input

WordPress Users

Adding our WordPress performance plugins will speed up your site in under 2 minutes.

WP Disable

Quickly and easily reduce HTTP requests to your site by removing items that are hardly ever used by the majority of websites.

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WP Disable »


A simple plugin that outperforms most of the caching plugins available. Just set and go, no complicated settings and near instant results.

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Cache Performance »

Image Compression

Image compression up to 85% savings – deliver your sites faster. Automatic image resizing based on a maximum defined fixed width to reduce bloat.

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WP Image Compression »