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Cygnus – From Fast to Faster

Starting out at: Browser page load – 2.4 seconds, GT Metrix load of 1.5 seconds, Pingdom of 2.62.


We are starting with a base that is already for all intents and purposes fast and well optimised. A job like this always requires a lot more thought and structure as there is not a lot of room to play with.

Back to basics is the only way to get a job like this done. We start with identifying all the plugins and what any real or perceived value in them is, then identify alternatives with lower resource usage and finally, re-arrange the page and site layout and structure in order to benefit the most from the browser load.

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As you can see from the before and after slides above, the results have pretty consistant. We have dropped the site to under 1 second on GT Metrix and managed to reduce 600ms on Pingdom tools.

As always a common sense approach applies and a lot of evaluation of what is really needed in order to achieve results that work – both for the business owner and more importantly, the website visitors – ultimately, this is our goal – reduce bounce rates and improve conversions.

End results: Browser page load – 0.9 seconds, GT Metrix load of 0.9 seconds, Pingdom of 1.50 seconds.