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CD Key Direct – Twice as fast

Starting out at: Browser page load – 5.8 seconds, GT Metrix load of 6.5 seconds, Pingdom of 3.98


WooCommerce is always tricky to optimise for speed as there are normally a lot more dependencies on third party plugins, so this really is a case of micro analysing to find where we can switch stuff for the biggest gains with the least amount of interruption or possibilities of breaking stuff.

Using our in-house WP Disable plugin, we removed a lot of the initial bloat and HTTP request (120 vs 44) and switching Imagify for our own Image Compression we saved an extra 40% on image size. The rest is a combination of changing plugins to lighter equivalents. There were no structural compromises made on the site, so it is exactly the same in terms of features.

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As you can see from the before and after slides above, the results have pretty consistent. An increase of nearly 100% in pure performance terms across multiple test engines and browsers.

Speeding up WooCommerce is important for a number of reasons, most importantly is your user experience, the faster your pages load, the more likely the user will stay on the site. We also added our MaxCDN integration to the site to help improve international visitors experience which accounts for around 70% of the site audience.

End results: Browser page load – 3.8 seconds, GT Metrix load of 2.8 seconds, Pingdom of 1.39 seconds.