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WordPress Caching – Because Speed Matters ™

Why spend time and money on optimisation.
The benefits are near instant. Search Engines favour faster websites. Clients are more likely to stay on your site. Save money on bandwidth, improve conversion ratios.

Managed WordPress Optimisation

When plugins are just not enough or you don’t have the time to invest in keeping your website performance running at peak optimisation. Contact us for a no obligation discussion on what we think is possible for your site.

Static Files

The first step is to remove the PHP & DB calls from your website.  We do this by creating static versions of everything which creates a much faster runtime experience for your users.


Cloudflare as a front end is always a good idea – awesome fast DNS servers, Protection from attacks and a “almost” CDN which will help with delivery of your site to clients.


In a lot of cases, the bottlenecks are normally the hosting environment. If we identify this as an issue, we will normally clone your website to a different server to show you a like for like comparison.


By minifying your CSS and JS, (generally speaking, removing whitespace) you reduce the time it takes the browser to process and load this data which really helps with creating a faster website.

Image Compression

Experience image compression with no data loss, up to 85% savings – deliver your WordPress website to your clients, faster.


By adding your website to a proper CDN, you automatically help distribute your data to the closest point to your visitor, helping to speed up your site and also lower your bandwidth and storage costs.


Most websites we deal with have a lot of legacy DB issues including inactive plugins.  A lean optemised database will help with page load performance as well as your backend admin.

Risk Free

All the work we undertake is done entirely at our risk, so if we do not improve the performance of your website, you do not pay us.

WordPress can be fast when done properly.

Using a methodical common sense approach to the pages on your site, we generally achieve massive improvements in overall page load speed, Google scores (not that they actually mean anything), Page size and the number of HTTP requests.  We also have a few free plugins in the WordPress Plugin repo that will go a long way to helping you achieve faster page loads.

WP Optimisation SpeedUp

£69 / $89 / Eur79 per site

Plugin Analysis, DB Optimise and cleanup, Cleanup old Plugins from DB, Cache Plugin Analysis, Image Compression (500 included), Minification, optional CDN, Setup HeartBeat, Hosting Analysis, Test random inner pages.

Prices exclude VAT at current rates, supplying a valid VAT number will void the VAT for European clients.

US$ & EUR prices are approximate and subject to fluctuation at prevailing exchange rates

Guaranteed Results, Everytime or you don’t pay

Weekly reporting & monthly reviews
Our maintenance service includes detailed weekly PDF reports and monthly reviews and optimisation. We also include reports from GT Metrix & Pingdom as well as real browser testing so you can rest assured your website is maintaining its performance improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how we help businesses just like yours

How easy is this to use ?

You can be up and running within a few minutes. Gone are the complexities involved in setting up a onsite caching system.

Do you compress images ?

On average, you can expect image sizes between 60 & 80% smaller, saving you money on bandwidth costs.

Does this work on old sites ?

Yes, if its WordPress, we can do it. Near instant increase in speed, no matter your host or how much content you have on your website. (subject to php version)