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7 Tips To Help Boost Page Speed

What is Page Speed – Page speed means how fast the content on a web page loads. If it loads too slowly, users *will* lose interest and click away. Faster page loads mean your users are more likely to stay on your website, think about your own browsing patterns. Think of it as “page load […]

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SEO, Speed and Conversions – The Harsh Reality

"It’s official: Google announced that page speed will be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index. But what does that mean? There’s no beating around the bush anymore: you should work on making your site as fast and accessible as possible. Don’t wait, do it now. I mean it." Basically, the faster your website loads, [...]
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Why use Cloudflare

Disaster Recovery: Saving the Present for the Future When many of us think of disaster recovery, the most common conclusions that we draw refer to a home or a business. However, 21st-century technology and the present communications revolution also dictate that having such a recovery plan for a WordPress-hosted website is just as critical. Unfortunately, [...]
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