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Speed Matters

WordPress websites using our compression plugin see an average of 300%-400% improvement in performance. Performance improvements in less than 5 minutes – page load time cut in half. We use Pingdom tools & GT Metrix to measure real time performance improvements. Our Managed WordPress Hosing clients also benefit from ongoing maintenance and optimisation of their websites

Image Compression

By using our Image optimisation, in addition to on page caching, you can drastically improve page load times by delivering smaller images.  Images will generally see a reduction of 70-90% in size by using intelligent algorithms and rules to strip out the stuff that is not used by the browser and by setting maximum image dimensions, thus reducing overall image size.

Content Delivery

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a must in order to achieve top end performance on your website.  By offloading your content to our CDN, not only do you benefit from global access to your site, you have the added benefit of being able to double your browser throughput by delivering from separate end points. Think of it as a 4 lane highway compared to a 2 lane – twice the traffic can pass in the same amount of time.

Image Compression & CDN

Re-discover Speed & WordPress Performance – our optimisation goes further than just onsite caching! We take care for you, all the hard work and the use of multiple plugins! Images delivered via CDN together with real time image compression.Discover Performance  »